Case Studies & Photos

Cabling in IDF

This client was experiencing problems with cabling. The problem was that they were not able to identify which cables were having problems. Optec was called in and we surveyed the area and presented a full proposal with approximate downtime that would occur when fixing the cabling. After the work is done, the cables are now properly terminated and tested. The cables are properly labeled at each end. A documentation of the test results was provided as well as the print/as built. Looking ahead, with the documentation provided, the client will have a smooth transition of relocating people around.

Existing Cabling in IDF Before Work
Cabling in IDF After Work

Data Center

Optec was called in to survey and layout the new data center. We worked along with the network engineers to design the layout of the cabinet racks along with servers and cabling. After the design and consultation, Optec implemented the installation of cabling ladders, testing of the cables and provided the documentation.

Existing Data Center Before Work
Data Center After Work

Dressing of Cables on Ladder

Patching from the Panel
Patching of Servers in the Cabinet
Cat 6 Cables to the IDF

Fiber Splicing

Ribbon Fiber

Multi-Building Air-Blown Fiber Project